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Looking for a Superhero apron? We’ve got loads of the best superhero aprons from Iron Man to Batman, whether you love marvel or DC characters you can find an apron here with the main heroes from each franchise on it! Come and have a look through our range to transform you into a super chef! If you are looking for Superhero aprons for men or women we have something for you! Turn yourself into a BBQ Superman or a cooking Wonder Women! These aprons would make a great gift for any comic book fan in your life, need a gift for a couple of DC Comic fans why not check out the Superman & Wonder Women apron set below!

  • Batman Apron in a Gift Tube

    This awesome Batman Apron would make a fantastic gift for the DC Comics enthusiast, arriving in a gift tube to make present wrapping a breeze. In seconds transform into a super chef with Batman muscles. Machine washable on 30 degrees.

    Material: 100% cotton.
    Size: Approx 65cm in width, 110cm in length
    Style: Batman Apron

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  • Iron Man Apron

    Become Iron Man in the kitchen while you whip up the dinner. Iron Man can do anything right? So cooking is a given! This Iron Man apron features Iron Man’s body for a fun quirky stylish apron. An awesome gift for Marvel fans.

    Size: One size fits most. Length 72cm Width 56cm
    Material: 100% Polyester
    Style: Iron Man Apron

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  • Spiderman Apron

    Super cool Spiderman Apron for the Marvel lovers out there! Awesome torso design to make you feel like the superhero. Amazing gift idea at an incredible price.

    Size: Length 72cm Width 56cm
    Fabric: Polyester
    Style: Spiderman Apron

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  • Superman & Wonder Woman Apron Set

    Awesome his and hers aprons for superhero fans! This set features one Superman Apron and one Wonder Woman Apron for some super tag teaming action in the kitchen. Whip up a storm dressed as your favourite Super Heroes!

    Package includes: 1x Superman Apron and 1x Wonder Woman Apron
    Sizes: Length 72cm, Wide 56cm
    Material: Polyester
    Style: Superman Apron and Wonder Woman Apron Set

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  • Superman Apron with “S” Logo

    Blue Superman Apron emblazoned on the chest with the Superman “S” logo from the original DC comic series. Subtle Superman comic book strip print covers the apron. Machine washable

    Material: 100% cotton
    Size: Approx 77cm long
    Style: Superman Apron

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  • Wonder Woman Apron


    Wonder Woman Apron by Half Moon Bay, an official merchandiser for DC Comics. This fantastic ladies apron is printed with a Wonder Woman WHOOM! design with blue frilly edging and blue spots. An extremely stylish apron made for a Wonder Woman in the kitchen!

    Material: 100% cotton
    Style: Wonder Woman Apron

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  • Wonder Woman Apron

    Wonder Woman Apron!! This is a wonderful quality apron featuring Wonder Woman’s body so you can look and feel like a true Super Hero in the kitchen. Just remember, that Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth will prevent anyone from lying about the quality of your cooking. This is a full-length, adult-sized apron.

    Size: 27″W x 31″H, 24″ neck loop, 33″ waist tie
    Material: 100% Polyester
    Washing Instructions: Machine wash gently with like colors, tumble dry low
    Style: Wonder Woman Apron

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